Surely one or the other JLCPCB is a term. It is about a quite large Chinese circuit board manufacturer. Until recently, you could upload your own printed circuit boards in Gerber format at a very reasonable price there, and a short time later you received the printed circuit boards by mail.

Since I also work a lot with SMD, I often order the matching stencil with it. All in all, this has always been quite inexpensive.

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Today there are steamed circuit boards... Or how to make life easier with condensation soldering.
No, there are no recipes presented now, or cooking is discussed, although the latter is not quite correct. It is about a rather old process of reflow soldering: vapor phase soldering or condensation soldering.

At the beginning of the 1980s, this process was still being discredited and forgotten because of the use of chemicals that were not exactly environmentally friendly. Only with the development of perfluoropolyethers did this process experience a new renaissance.

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Like that sometimes is. You have a nice idea for a small craft project, and in the end the whole thing becomes a mammoth task.

Such stories usually start with a "Actually, I just wanted to...", maybe paired with a "just fast...". And in this case I actually only wanted to make an existing circuit board smaller. There was not even a deeper sense behind it, but only the fun of tinkering.

In this case it was about the so-called ZoomFLoppy:

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