Running a website is sometimes not as easy as many people might think. Especially if it is not an 0815 page from one of the many web construction kits of the providers. I also suspect that very few people think about the monthly costs. Therefore, I have created a small survey to see if this effort for a hobby is justified at all.

As far as page views are concerned, especially for a page that is so short on the net, you can't really complain. As far as the feedback is concerned, but yes. Even the evaluation function, which ultimately only "costs" a simple click, seems to be too much for almost everyone.

The most important thing for most people, however, is to get as much as possible with as little effort as possible. Even a simple thank you seems to be asking too much.

Naturally now the question comes, why I am idiot then also so stupid, and make me the work. I'm also to blame myself.

Right, that's the crux of the matter. That's exactly the question I'm asking myself right now. 


This side consists in the core of the free CMS Joomla. The webspace, however, you do not get for free. And since I did not want one of these cheap providers, I have chosen a good provider of a German company. The pages are also hosted in Germany. But for this I am rewarded already for more than 10 years with an extraordinary reliability and extremely good support (I do not only run this site, therefore the long time).

But the real costs are in the supposedly free Joomla. The basic framework doesn't cost anything, but this alone doesn't do much. All these little gimmicks around it, including the template, are additional "plug-ins". And most of them cost money. And also not once, but in forum of subscription fees. These are in the range of 6-10,- Euro per month and plugin. A good dozen can be counted, because even with a backup is possible, it needs a plugin.

Since I don't want any advertising, also because I personally don't think much of it, and the whole thing is a hobby, of course no income comes in. 


And even now, you'd only have an empty page. This page must also be filled with content. And exactly this content does not make itself by itself. Many things I had already built a long time ago. But for the articles I have to do everything again and again, in order to get appropriate photos and also to look again, which steps were so necessary.


Then to build up the whole download area. For this I had to prepare all files accordingly, bring them into a uniform form and above all check them, because unfortunately broken or faulty files crept in here and there. Also the enormous number of projects made the whole thing confusing for outsiders. Therefore I am in the process of bringing the whole projects once again into a better manageable form.


I don't expect any money for this or that there will be crosses here. I am not angry or offended now either. I just want to know if I do the work for free.

For example, an evaluation of a contribution would not be much work and would not hurt anyone. But above all, it helps me to find out whether it is interesting at all. Also criticism, even if you don't like to hear it of course, would help to make improvements.

With exactly 0 (in words: zero) feedback I only get the following message: Nobody is interested in what I am doing here. That would be all right, but then I would save myself the trouble.


Therefore the somewhat provocative survey, on which the continued existence of this page depends. Otherwise I could use the time and money very well for other projects (For example, my project of a portable C64 has been idle for months because I simply don't have the time). So I won't maintain the download area for now. So it's literally up to you. If you are interested in the topics, then you may also write this in the respective comment fields of the articles. So give me feedback. 


Is all the effort justified?

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Hi Dirk,

First I'm sorry, but I will not submit any answer in your survey, just because there is no good one.
Your ideas and work are brilliant and fact that you want to share it with world is really fantastic.

I agree that no feedback can demotivate but there are other forms of feedback than comments.
In my opinion you should get as a positive feedback the fact that I paid some euros to download some great content from your site.
And I really think that 1 euro for gerber file is too low. According to amount of time and work you put into creating this content, I think 5 will be better and acceptable. Your decision about website with no ads is great, but come on, whole internet is based on ads, just turn it on and get some money, no one will be angry because all are familiar with ads everywhere.

Personally when I decide to build some project downloaded from internet I always make few copies. 5 or 10, depend on minimum amount of PCBs I can order in some PCS manufacturers. When I sold 2 or 3, the rest for me will be for free :) The same will be with your IEEE-488 cart and trimod adapter. But when I sell I always calculate a small donations for author. And I promise that you will receive some money from me too. But my soldering is still in progress so please be patient :)

I really understand your frustration, I share some project on Thingiverse. And few times I discovered some of them on auction sites.
But when you share anything you should be ready that someone will use it to make money.

In my opinion there are 2 ways. One is to accept that hobby is a time and money consuming and be a "volunteer". And second is to make a business based on this hobby. Sell your work on page with ads ;)

Anyway, I keep my fingers crossed for you and your passion, and I hope that you will continue your work and this page.

Best regards


I admit that the survey was meant to shake things up a little and was not meant to be serious.

Thank you for your positive words. I also received your donations very positively.

It is not about money. The Euro was rather a deterrent for people who made a 1:1 copy of the whole database (and there were some of them at the beginning).

Also I personally don't think much of advertising. I am annoyed myself, that you are surrounded by advertising everywhere. And some websites consist of 90% advertising and 10% content.

In addition, most visitors of my website have activated an advertising blocker.

I would like to continue this as a hobby. Especially since it is almost impossible here in Germany to run a business with such a thing, which is at least cost-covering. One must be certified meanwhile with all possible places (against quite high money contributions), there one did not sell yet an article.

I had already thought about offering kits. But the postage from Germany abroad would exceed the kit price depending upon country partially around a multiple.

Therefore this should remain already all hobby. It would only be nice if I at least knew if I was going in the right direction. It just costs a lot of work, which I like to do. But if I perhaps do projects that are interesting for nobody but myself, then I could save myself this work.

That wouldn't even be bad, but then I could save this time and invest in other projects.

What I will do in any case is to change the site so that there is no more access without registration. I also have to think about how to continue with the download area. Unfortunately it will probably not work without some restrictions.

Important note!
you're doing a really nice and interesting job. please do not close this site, rather move onto something like blogspot, which is free
It was less about the costs than the actual work behind it. And unfortunately you can't do a lot on Blogspot, but it would still be a lot of work. smile

And I still wouldn't know if I would do this blog just for myself. Or if there are other people out there who could use this information.

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