As one or the other may have noticed, the download area has changed. There are also no more dots on the side. Due to various circumstances I am in the process of rebuilding the site. Therefore it can come in the next days also sometimes to small errors here and there.


Surely one or the other may ask himself why everything is different again. Well, I have to go a little further.

We live in a society and time in which most people always want to get the most out of themselves, but in return prefer not to do anything for anyone. And to appreciate the work of others is already too much to ask. One could also briefly say that most of them are on their personal ego trip. The times when there is an automatic thank you when you open the door for someone else are unfortunately long gone. 

Of course, this behavior is also reflected on the Internet. After all, they are the same people. And why should these people act differently on the Internet than in the real world out there?

Therefore the first step had been to introduce a registration, in order to come into the Downloadbereich. This already met with a very big rejection. But a few jokers were mine, once to announce itself, everything to pull off and then never again to show up. I don't even have a problem with someone downloading everything. But for a small comment, perhaps also sometimes a thank you it was never enough. 

So I decided to try to motivate people to participate. I installed a points system. Every newly registered user got 500 points, which was enough for 2-3 downloads. For each download points were deducted accordingly. In return, you could very easily add points if you participated in something. So you could add 250 points for each new thread and 100 points for each comment. 

But even this was too much of a good thing for some. I was met with a real indignation, as I dared to dare that others should make only a breath of an effort for taking off my work. 

Well, I understood that. I also understood that most people don't even need to thank me for anything else.

That's why I have completely abolished the points system and there is no need to register anymore. I don't expect any more comments either. From now on, a usage fee will be charged for the download function and the associated storage space. Even if the word "buy" is mistakenly written on the buttons, there is nothing to buy. I also don't sell anything, or run a shop now. It may be now simply only at the costs, which I have, to be taken part. 

And even if I already hear the word rip-off, a word that people on your ego trip like to use, I can assure you that after deducting the PayPal fees there is not so much left that the effort is actually worth it. But simply give everything away, without perhaps a small return service, and if it would be in the form of a thank you, I don't see any longer. 

If all this is too much for you, I wish you good luck on other websites.

Of course, this does not apply to everyone. There is a small, but fine circle of people who appreciate something like this. And exactly for these people I do the whole also. Soon there will be free access to the download area for a closed circle of users. 


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