My website was a little dusty, I hadn't done anything about it for too long. Some circumstances, which I already wrote about here, made me want to spend more time on this site again. With this step I said goodbye to Wordpress, which I had used before.


Screenshot der alten Webseite

That was the old website, created with Wordpress. But since I always wanted to do more than just a blog site, I always came across the limitations of Wordpress. Also the general structure of the site is very static. I just want to install something somewhere, but the fast one doesn't work.

I had built up and operated berug web server farms on a large scale for years, but in my private life this never really appealed to me. But maybe exactly for this reason. If you have to do the whole day with load distributors, databases, firewalls, Unix servers, Apache, WebLogic, TomCat, and so on and so forth, the topic doesn't really appeal after work.

Nevertheless, it was overdue at some point. And now I have finally taken this step. 

It was important to me to have an open platform that offers the appropriate possibilities, but is not overloaded with features. A tidy admin interface was just as important to me as simple operation. After all, I don't want to do the whole thing professionally, nor do I get money for it. So I had tested several systems in the last weeks and set up some webserver instances.

In the end I got stuck with Joomla. Joomla is certainly not perfect, but has for my requirements actually everything that is needed. And since it is not a pure blogger tool, you can also offer static content or a download area much easier. Also the Custumizing is substantially simpler, because much is to be settled already over the Adminoberfläche.

So I was busy in the last weeks to pull up an appropriate side. The most difficult thing for me was the design of the page. I have always done the technology and left the "painting" of the website to others who can do it better. But I am satisfied with the current state, well, I say halfway. But with Joomla changes are now much easier without having to reinstall everything.

Newly added is a download area. Also the comment function is now actually a forum. That is quite practical. So you can still leave comments under the posts as usual. But these are not simply stored as "comments" in a post, but with the first comment a new topic is started in the forum and all following comments are added in this forum post.

Thus the forum can be called up also directly over the menu. There you will find, as usual from a forum, all comments to all posts. As I find, a practical thing. However, comments are only possible if you register before. A registration is free and there is no evil ulterior motive. So I don't collect email addresses to get annoyed with advertising later. If I should ever offer a newsletter, then everyone will have to register there himself.

The whole should protect at least halfway from SPAM and other garbage. 

In addition also the Downloadbereich counts, which is likewise only available after announced users. With that I try to prevent at least halfway the blind automated tap. If you log in, you can download everything that is stored there. Likewise without any further conditions.

It is clear to me that this is a little effort for the users. However, I also have a corresponding effort. And there a small effort should not be too much demanded, if someone would like to comment, and/or has questions to something.

I hope you like the new page, and I would be really pleased about suggestions, but also criticism.


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